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NOTE: Mine is in Finnish, but English and other languages available.

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You can leave any field blank to skip displaying that row.

Privacy: we don't log these details, but if you don't feel comfortable entering personal details (like address), use a single space to leave field empty and fill it manually after printing. (Without the space the row will not be printed at all)

These set the headings and other pre-made texts. (want to help with translations?)
Your national emergency number that can help in ambulance, fire & police matters.
In critical emergencies you could have trouble remembering even your own address. Or you could have a guest that doesn't know/remember the exact address.
Where to find a fire extinquisher or a fire blanket. If you live in an apartment, mention that "don't use an elevator!".
Location of your first-aid kit, for handling acute bleeding.
If a water pipe bursts or a tap's gasket fails, it's good to know where the water shut-off valve is. I personally have had this happen.
If you live in an apartment, there usually is an assigned maintenance company. You should have their number in hand if something acute happens like a water leak you can't stop yourself.
If you have pets, it might be a good idea to have a local veterinarian's contact details - one that is open 24/7.
If you occasionally have people over (guests, nanny etc.), it might be a good idea to leave your own contact details so you can be reached if they happen to lose your number (perhaps by their phone breaking).
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