Happy 100th birthday, Finland!

Perkele! Finland just turned 100 years.

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Implementing your hiring process with C trivia

I got a newsletter from Toggl (a time-tracking app) that they are hiring and that they had a coding quiz. I decided to take the quiz just for shits and giggles.

Concurrency in Golang and the importance of using locks

Have this innocent looking code in Golang:

Problems with Microsoft AzureĀ“s networking


The problem with "cute coding"

For lack of a better term, I call this “cute coding”:

Stop using protocol-relative URLs

I still see this confusingly often, even with Twitter’s timeline embedding feature. Protocol relative URLs look like this:

Every website will get hacked - how to prepare for it

Every website will get hacked?

Microsoft, you make miserable software

There are so many reasons that I cannot just let this go anymore, and instead I’ll spend my precious time to write this blog post that gives me absolutely nothing in return, except the fact that writing this feels therapeutic.

Thoughts on Docker

Now that I’ve been actively messing around with Docker for more than 6 months, and run production software on top of it, it’s a good time to share my findings.