AForge.NET is awesome for complex image processing/analysis

I’m trying to emulate “magic color” feature that I saw in Android app called Camscanner (I can highly recommend this).

Software that does not suck

It’s pretty time consuming to research which software you want to use for a specific task. Here I’ve compiled a list of my preferences for, in my opinion, the best software for different tasks.

Classic games from my youth

Here’s a summary of my youth, in alphabetical order.

Poor tax communication from Digitalocean

Tax related issues are never too easy, so in communicating changes to your billing related tax procedures should be explained very clearly.

SoundCloud: migrating a monolith to a microservices architecture

Awesome read! A three-part series:

Cyberchallenge from Finnish defence forces

RethinkDB: nice "people" -page

TCP proxy in node.js

Use like this:

Spam shit list

The following is a list of organisations, who have decided to send me email without my consent:

Publishing S3 events to SNS or SQS