Software that does not suck

It’s pretty time consuming to research which software you want to use for a specific task. Here I’ve compiled a list of my preferences for, in my opinion, the best software for different tasks.

Included are also software to avoid, along with reasons.

Web browser


  • Edge: given IE’s abysmal historical track record, why would I trust Microsoft not to screw up again? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
  • Internet Explorer: IE has historically slowed down the progress of the web platform and has always been behind the innovation.

Read PDF files


  • Adobe PDF: slow and bloated

Find out where that disk space went

  • CutePDF Writer: It was once good software, but now the installer tries to trick users into installing shit like Ask toolbar or Winzip registry optimizer.

    However, there seems to be no sensible alternative, so CutePDF is still recommended.


  • doPDF: Does not work over remote desktop. Downloads from suspicious looking Questionably large download size.
  • BullZip PDF: Free version “Sponsored download”
  • PDFCreator: flagged suspicious by (2013-12-13)

Password management

Office suite (word processing, spreadsheets etc.)



Mount ISOs (CDs/DVDs/BluRays)

Rip CD/DVD/BluRay -> ISO

Encrypt filesystems

Surf the web anonymously

Recover lost files

Hardware information


  • Lavalys Everest: discontinued
  • PC Wizard: crashed my PC so I lost unsaved documents


  • Deluge: open source clone of uTorrent


  • uTorrent: malware in installer

Audio editing (MP3, Wav, …)

  • GoldWave: trial but not much restricted. Does simple things (delete/trim/volume maximize/noise filter/fades/…) well.

Edit hex files

Frontend for MySQL server

  • SqlYog: community edition is free

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