Windows Disk Cleanup throws you into deeper trouble

I’ve been quite vocal about my distaste for most things Microsoft before, and here comes another rant, so buckle up..

How to configure gcplogs (Google Cloud Logging) for Docker

.. from a perspective where you are not running your VM on a Google datacenter - if you would be, then this would be a bit simpler because the logging driver autodiscovers credentials and more options automatically for you.

Pet peeve: "if and only if"

I find this to be highly annoying:

IKEA Trådfri bulbs without Trådfri gateway: getting started (complete instructions)

TL;DR; control all Zigbee devices (Philips Hue, Xiaomi smarthome, IKEA Trådfri etc etc.) more securely, more cheaply, more creatively, more robustly, more privately and be in total control!

Friendly reminder: Microsoft still sucks

Continuing the series of “Microsoft sucks” rants.

An idea to fix Go´s logging mess

I believe I have came up with an acceptable compromise for the logger mess in Go. This is an approach that embraces the Unix philosophy of pipes and plaintext streams.

strace is awesome

Your periodic reminder that strace is awesome..

GMail´s spam detector failing?

For quite some time, I’ve been having lots of problems with GMail spam detector’s false positives.

I forgot my password to my Unifi controller