Quantified self: overview & quick links

Lately I’ve been fascinated with the concept of “quantified self”.

Displaying RSS feed with Home Assistant

I wanted to display news in my Home Assistant dashboard.

Restore accidentally deleted/replaced binary of a running process

I compiled Turbo Bob (a build system) with a bug that prevented entering a build container, and since Turbo Bob is built with itself, I could not build a working binary again - chicken-egg problem.

Tracking down inefficiencies in parallelization

I was improving performance for Varasto and there was one unit of work that was easily parallelizable (= run on all CPU cores) to gain some speed. I’ll share my learnings in graphical tooling to help measure/debug how efficiently your parallelization works.

Preventing outdated docs links in software projects

When I started making documentation for Varasto, I thought about the numerous times I’ve seen projects with links to documentation that have resulted in a 404. I think I came up with a cool way to help with the issue.

Quick primer on SVG paths

SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is a file format for vector drawings. I had a problem to solve - I wanted to animate an SVG from JavaScript. I’ll describe how and what I learned on how SVG paths work to solve my problem.

Linux kernel probing

Kernel probes allow you to dynamically attach debug points to the kernel (or even to extend it to some extent with persistent hooks). You can attach not just to syscalls, but also to many functions inside the kernel (they have to be exported functions though).

COVID-19 and the world´s refusal to blame China

I didn’t really want to write about politics in my blog - in fact I wrote a lengthy, critical post about Trump before his election victory and just wound up leaving it unpublished because I didn’t want my blog to be about politics.

Go is not a simple language

I still love Go and it’s the best language I’ve used - but like in mature relationships, I’ve aware of both the good and bad parts of the relationship.

Modem drops internet every now and then? I made a modem rebooter util

My issues are rare enough to warrant switching to another modem, so I just hacked around it by writing a small piece of software that reboots the modem to try to get the connection back up.