Friendly reminder: Microsoft still sucks

Continuing the series of “Microsoft sucks” rants.

An idea to fix Go´s logging mess

I believe I have came up with an acceptable compromise for the logger mess in Go. This is an approach that embraces the Unix philosophy of pipes and plaintext streams.

strace is awesome

Your periodic reminder that strace is awesome..

GMail´s spam detector failing?

For quite some time, I’ve been having lots of problems with GMail spam detector’s false positives.

I forgot my password to my Unifi controller


Chaining should be an operator in the language itself

What is chaining?

Happy 100th birthday, Finland!

Perkele! Finland just turned 100 years.

Quick links

Implementing your hiring process with C trivia

I got a newsletter from Toggl (a time-tracking app) that they are hiring and that they had a coding quiz. I decided to take the quiz just for shits and giggles.