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Amazon AWS: numbers need units to have meaning

From Amazon “Simple Email Service”:

I can send one email? One during the lifetime of the universe? One per day? One per second?

The number has no meaning without a unit.

Only after you open the “more information” link, they tell you that the 200 is per day and the 1 is per second.

They’re using different units for numbers right next to each other, without specifying the unit. 🀑

This is how it should be done (from AWS Lambda):

This “no unit” problem in AWS is really prevalent. Here’s throttling limits in API Gateway:

(And no, when you go to edit the limits, the units won’t be revealed there either.)

For a company with 1.6 trillion valuation, one would think they’d have the resources to hire at least one person who cares, or a UX designer who would spot this problem immediately. 🀷