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Chrome web store on mobile

Why does it have a button for [ Add to Desktop ] when I visit that page on mobile?

Why does it not explain why I can’t add it on mobile?

It doesn’t seem to care whether I try ..

  • Brave on Android or
  • Chrome on Android

.. the result is the same.

Even more confusing is that when I visit with a desktop, it says:

Compatible with your device

Why is this compatibility indicator not available on mobile? I’m more interested in why I’m not compatible than an indicator that says I’m compatible!

It seems to be the case that Google hasn’t rolled out extension support on mobile Chrome:

These Chrome extensions are readily available on your PC Chrome browser, but for some reason, they are not yet available on the Android Chrome version. This is odd considering that Google created both Chrome and Android. One would think they would’ve made it possible to install Chrome extensions on your Android device. This is especially true when you consider that Firefox users have been able to install and use Chrome extensions for a while.

The only way that you’ll be able to use Chrome extensions on your Android device is by using another Chromium browser.


Would it have been difficult for Google say “Extensions on mobile Chrome are not supported yet.”?

All of this just contributes to mystification of computer programs, it is no wonder people just shrug and say they don’t understand computers. In reality the fault usually lies at incompetent software companies. 🤷