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Drop.com (former Massdrop) spam

I just bought a mechanical keyboard from Drop.

I didn’t sign up for any mailing lists, but here’s how they rewarded me after giving them $ 225:

This is only about a week’s worth of emails, that I didn’t sign up for.

To top it off, from the unsubscribe link you’ve to separate click to unsubscribe for each different subject:

This is clearly a dark pattern to punish those who wish to unsubscribe.

There’s also no “Unsubscribe from all future mailing lists”, so you just know that once they add a new mailing list named “Hot keycaps recommended by Justin Bieber”, you’ll be by-default-subscribed, and you’ve to go unsubscribe from it again.

Update two weeks later

The above happened two weeks before. Now it’s 23th of April.

They’re still sending me spam, despite me having ticked off all checkboxes: